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The Custom Logo Jewelry Stand with Ruler

The Custom Logo Jewelry Stand with Ruler

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Jewelry makers, this one's for you! Use this stand in your photos to show the length of your earrings and personalize it with your logo!! Don't have a logo? No problem! We can put your name on there with any font. You can even put your website on the base or just keep it with the fun design we have already.

This stand is made from a 1/8" thick Baltic Birch and stained in your choice of Black, Walnut, Light Grey,  Natural stain or an Unfinished wood that has been sanded so you can paint it yourself!

The base and top are shipped disassembled but it slides right into place securely. You can easily glue your base together if you want a much longer term stability but that is up to your preference.

For only $28, get yourself a very unique jewelry display to show off your creations!

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